What Do Keto Supplements Actually Do? Exploring Benefits and Limitations

Keto supplements are a popular way to support weight loss and other health goals. They may help increase energy, reduce appetite, and improve metabolic health overall. But what do keto supplements actually do?

Exogenous Ketones May Decrease Appetite

Ketone supplements have been shown to decrease appetite, which may help you lose weight by eating less. The idea is that these supplements can assist you in getting into ketosis faster; it typically takes from about two days to more than a week to reach ketosis without the help of supplements. While keto pills, like exogenous ketones, do temporarily elevate the level of ketones in the blood, says Amanda Maucere, RD, a nutritionist at, the amount is not enough to induce ketosis.

Ketone Supplements Rapidly Increase Blood Concentrations

Ketone supplements rapidly and transiently increase blood concentrations of BOHB. On the surface, this seems like it should promote positive metabolic health outcomes, and many studies have confirmed this. One study published in February 2018 in Obesity suggests exogenous ketone esters lower hunger hormones and act as appetite suppressors. That can help you stick to a keto diet and potentially lose weight by eating less.

Exogenous Ketones May Help You Get into Ketosis Faster

Exogenous ketones are supplements that may help a person enter a state of ketosis, in which the body breaks down fats instead of carbohydrates for energy. But ingesting exogenous ketones immediately provides our body with a source it can utilize for energy, which theoretically attenuates the need for glucose in the blood and helps you reach ketosis faster.

Ketone Supplements Do Not Directly Cause Weight Loss

But ketone supplements do not cause weight loss, at least not directly. In fact, a number of people in my consumer survey reported that they had difficulty maintaining a keto diet while taking ketone supplements.

Ketone Salts are a Popular Keto Supplement

Ketone salts are created by adding beta hydroxybutyrate to an electrolyte mineral (most commonly sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium), and are often used in combination with other supplements. What keto pills do is provide your body with these electrolyte minerals, which may help maintain hydration and potentially improve metabolism.

In conclusion, keto supplements can provide your body with the electrolyte minerals needed to induce or maintain ketosis, and may also help reduce appetite and increase energy. However, it is important to note that while keto supplements may help you get into ketosis faster, they do not directly cause weight loss.

What are the advantages of taking keto supplements?

In a study of 15 individuals of a healthy weight, those who had a beverage with ketone esters in it reported feeling 50% less hungry after fasting overnight in comparison to those who drank a sugary beverage. This could be beneficial in terms of weight loss as it could lead to reduced food intake.

Do keto tablets aid in shedding pounds?

Taking keto pills or supplements alone will not make you lose weight. To achieve weight loss, you need to combine a keto diet with the supplement – one that is low in carbohydrates and high in protein and fat. This combination of a keto diet and keto supplements may help to increase the levels of ketones in the body, which could lead to greater weight loss.

Are ketone supplements safe to consume?

Consuming ketone supplements has the potential to cause severe gastrointestinal discomfort in some individuals, which can limit the amount of supplements they can take. Additionally, taking ketone salts increases the chances of developing an electrolyte imbalance. Thus, it is important to be aware of these risks and prioritize safety when using ketone supplements.

Do you need to take keto supplements?

It is beneficial to take supplements while following a keto diet since it eliminates many food sources. These supplements can provide essential vitamins and minerals that would normally be consumed through food, help reduce the symptoms of the keto flu, and even help with athletic performance while on a reduced carb diet.

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